We use a network of highly experienced partners, that have been dedicated for years to implementing integrated systems. Our choice is to operate as a top-level player in the ICT world, with specific skills for each sector in which we are called to intervene.

Regesta LAB is the company of the Regesta group specialized in Advanced & Predictive Analytics solutions, IoT, Machine Learning and Advanced Planning, which allow companies to grow their business, optimize their productive processes and take smarter and data-driven decisions.
Regesta LAB, thanks to its talented dedicated team of Data Scientists, Advanced Analytics specialists, Big Data analysis and Data Integration, development of predictive, mathematical-statistical models and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, overcomes the SAP universe by integrating technologies and cloud service platforms, from Amazon Web Service to Google Cloud Platform, collaborations with universities and an “open innovation” center towards industrial manufacturing.
The final goal is to overturn the idea of information technology as “necessary evil”, bringing to light what it really is: a competitive edge and a business simplificator. Every company deals with huge amounts of data and information technologies are an essential factor in order to achieve success. “Data control” means swift decision, beating your competition and knowledge.
IT consulting company specialized in the implementation of management systems; it provides cutting-edge solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft CRM platforms.
Impresa is a dynamic and concrete business reality born in Brescia in 2004, by consolidating the experience of experts from the world of ERP systems. Impresa stood out among the ERP operators because of the successful outcome of its projects, the trustful relationship with its customers, the quality and expertise of its resources, its proximity/closeness to the local area and the understanding of small and medium-sized enterprises’ needs.
Consulting areas: ERP (management system), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), document management systems, vertical manufacturing projects.
Ledsoft is a Regesta group company founded in 2000 with headquarters in Brescia, specialized in the realization of custom softwares for the industrial and service sectors.
It works with a multidisciplinary team in the development of cross-device solutions, both in mobile and desktop environments.
Developing customized applications means reducing work times, increasing overall efficiency, facilitating processes and positively influencing company costs. All professions, from the photographer to the engineer, and any business of any size get huge benefits from custom-made software.
“You don’t have to adapt to the software, it’s the software that fits you”
Clarex is an IT consulting and professional services company based on the latest generation of SAP oriented management software. It was founded in September 2018 by the union of two consulting companies with a strong presence in their territories: Regesta in Brescia and Apex in Modena.
Clarex is an SAP Gold Partner and is a value added reseller company (VAR) of licenses which offers its customers a team of 180 consultants with a huge experience in supporting the digital transformation processes of large, small and medium-sized businesses, in private as in the public sectors. It is specialized in the design, development and implementation of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA solutions, SAP C/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP Ariba.
Clarex consultants have a deep experience in the industrial sectors, including mechanical, iron and steel, logistics, manufacturing, finance and online services.
Able tech is a Research and Development company specialized exclusively in Document & Process management solutions. AbleTech Srl has been on the Italian market for over ten years and its success is linked to ARXivar Business Process Management solution: DOCUMENT and CONTENT MANAGEMENT, WORKFLOW and PROCESS MANAGEMENT, OPTICAL FILING, LEGALLY COMPLIANT ARCHIVING, all in one solution. Able Tech has more or less 50 employees mainly engaged in Research and Development activities, support and consulting. Today we can count on over 1400 customers, around 140 Business Partners in Italy and abroad. An ever-expanding research and development lab. A network of trained and certified Partners, widespread throughout Italy and on foreign markets. These numbers allow AbleTech Srl to be a reference company in the rising software market for Document and Business Management in Italy.
Apex came into being in 1999 by means of three visionaries who in fifteen years have developed a strong partnership with the German company SAP, turning the firm into a leader in the Hybris market. In 2015, its corporate structure, objectives and strategy changed, aiming at a strong expansion of SAP oriented solutions. Starting from December of the same year, APEX became a VAR of SAP and turned into a GOLD partner in the first months of 2017.
EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions company whose products and services enable organizations to speed up the performance of their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors systems. Our solutions are largely automated and strengthened by dedicated services and support teams across the globe. Our breakthrough products empower customers to make faster, more accurate business decisions for their on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions while saving time, money and other resources. Through our suite of solutions we are able to significantly boost productivity in the areas of client and data copying, data security, reporting, cloud solutions, and much more.