In steel industry you can find an extremely wide range of products and applications; the market is wide and global and, from raw materials transformation in steel plants to steel mechanical transformation into finished products, there are so many business scenarios. The strategic importance of modern information technologies and tools to rule and control business processes and to generate itself added value is growing and growing to face many different aspects: increasing raw material prices and production resources costs, more demanding requirements from the global market in terms of production versatility, flexibility, time to market, quality level and products variety.


REGESTA, thanks to its own long-term experience in steel industry, has fructified SAP METAL solutions’ potentials by enhancing the standard system with dedicated cockpits and other specific tools fully oriented to most important Italian steel companies.


  • Casting traceability
  • Production sequences cockpit (for pickling and zinc-coating phases for example)
  • Trim patterns cockpit
  • Customized marking
  • Rework cockpit


  • Extra alloy surcharges management


  • Alternative unit of measures in sales orders
  • Products’ variants configuration
  • Sales documents batch assignment cockpit
  • Consignment stock cockpit
  • Extra alloy surcharges in pricing management


  • Scrap yard management and classification
  • Batch managed products classification
  • Batch specific conversion factors for variable unit of measures


  • Certificates of analysis (Standard EN10204:2004 types 3.1, 3.2, 2.1, 2.2, Eddy Current Test)
  • Compliance cockpit


  • from SAP to MES: production orders, sales orders, customer deliveries, subcontractor deliveries, purchased materials stock levels
  • from MES to SAP: goods withdrawal for customer deliveries, times and quantities confirmations for production orders operations
  • storage bins warehouse management, stock transfers with radio frequency handheld devices
  • machine and PLC devices interface to support production data and signal detection exchange (quantities, times, temperatures, mechanic characteristics, etc.)

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