Brass industry market is strictly bound to raw materials stock prices, therefore it must face every day their fluctuations. It has an ever-growing importance to maximize the margin of profit on the brass transformation, to control costs and to be competitive on a global prospective. To do this brass companies need advanced business tools to support core processes and to quickly react to market increasing and changing requirements.


Thanks to its own long-term experience in brass industry, REGESTA has fructified SAP solutions’ potentials related to non-ferrous metals market by enhancing the standard system with cockpits and other specific tools fully oriented to drawing mills and brass-working companies.


  • Purchasing (brass working companies):
  • full price purchasing contracts
  • raw materials procurement (full price and consignment based)
  • scrap yard stock level cockpits by drawing mills suppliers, with yields and losses detail
  • vendor records with scrap stock book
  • Sales (drawing mills companies)
  • full price and subcontracting sales contracts
  • customers’ scrap goods receipt with yield definition
  • customer records with scrap stock book
  • coverage control and automatic goods issue tools for full price and subcontracting contracts when posting the finished products delivery


  • configurable price lists with any kind of extras
  • consignment account stock book and budget comparison


  • advanced production orders cockpits (production sequence definition, tools list printout, tools labels printout, production parameters calculation and monitoring, operations confirmations monitor)
  • production orders unification for the extrusion phase
  • operations sequence management with centralized setup and machine times defined for any product type


  • certificate of analysis management (Standard EN10204:2004 types 2.2 and 3.1)
  • automatic determination of the European description by the standard UNI EN


  • picking list and load list printout
  • goods receipt slip
  • subcontracting management with scrap return from vendor


  • from SAP to MES: production orders, sales orders, customer deliveries, subcontractor deliveries, purchased materials stock levels
  • from MES to SAP: goods withdrawal for customer deliveries, times and quantities confirmations for production orders operations
  • storage bins warehouse management, stock transfers with radio frequency handheld devices
  • machine and PLC devices interface to support production data and signal detection exchange (quantities, times, temperatures, mechanic characteristics, etc.)

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