SAP automotive


In the automotive industry today, there is no shortage of challenges. Executives find themselves being pulled in many directions — and struggling to do more with less.


Stable or declining volumes in mature markets and increased competition from emerging economies are putting pressure on prices and margins, driving shorter product-development cycles, and making asset utilization a critical issue. Meanwhile, the cost of everything from raw materials to warranties must be strictly controlled. And customers, of course, have ever-increasing expectations for quality, speed, and flexibility.


SAP helps companies meet their business challenges and capitalize on new opportunities with the SAP for Automotive solution portfolio designed specifically for the automotive industry. Drawing on more than 30 years of working with automotive organizations, SAP enables companies to manage and integrate critical business processes and collaborate with partners across the value network.


The solution for Automotive industry implemented by Regesta fully supports all processes with a particular focus on supply chain planning, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing, and customer service.


  • Optimized assembly plant scheduling – Replenish line-side inventory, manage complex vehicle scheduling and sequencing activities, and cost-effectiveIy optimize plant performance
  • Operational procurement and inbound logistics – Collaborate with suppliers and third parties, schedule and manage just-in-time deliveries, and receive advance-shipment notifications
  • New-product development and introduction – Define product strategy, handle sourcing, develop products, track engineering changes and manage launch requirements
  • Strategic sourcing – Strategically manage the global supply base with spend and commodity analyses extend capabilities for quotations, bid processing, and contract negotiations; and improve quality assurance and readiness capabilities
  • Make-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturing – Replenish line-side inventory, manage complex production planning and scheduling activities, manage outbound-parts processing and transportation, and optimize plant performance in a lean environment that supports a mix of production, service, and aftermarket demand stream
  • Sales order management – Use electronic data interchange and Web-based cumulative-release processes to support customer requirements for order scheduling, execution, and receipt management
  • Operational procurement and inbound logistics – Collaborate with customers, order parts from tier 2 through tier n suppliers based on just-in-time delivery requirements, send and process advance-shipment notifications, and manage invoicing
  • New-product development and introduction – Enable key stakeholders – including OEMs and tier 1 through tier n suppliers – to collaborate with internal and external process owners throughout the product life cycle
  • Strategic sourcing – Strategically manage the global supply base; handle strategic sourcing processes, such as spend analysis, bid processing, and contract negotiations, and improve quality assurance and readiness capabilities

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