Regesta has been created by few consultants who, after being involved for years in local and international projects on manufacturing and financial companies, took the decision to share their own experiences in order to provide a consistent technical and organizational support for the needs of their customers. The business model is based on the strong assumption that nowadays a winning company must found its growth on the talents of its resources.

We believe that taking care of people and their quality of life inside and outside the company, transparency and confidence represent the main values for the future of our organization. This concept has been immediately shared by the professionals who joined with enthusiasm the project and by the market that immediately understood the different approach compared with the traditional services suppliers: our consultants live the relationship with the customer as it was a business partner with the passion and the push of a professional.

Regesta selects and prepares with absolute care its employees who must be extremely competent but also must participate the core values and targets of the company: to fulfill the promises and to satisfy the needs of the customer. Our focus is for the firms where it’s possible to establish strong and lasting cooperation relationships sharing common objectives.

Our mission is to help the companies to implement and optimize the usage of the information system and to use it as a performance lever. We have grown up working on SAP which still takes up most of our capacity, but our job experience allowed us to deliver winning projects also on other national and international ERPs. The pragmatic systemic vision of the economics pushed Regesta to have partnerships to cooperate with other firms and to extend our competences; this allows us to anticipate and satisfy our customers’ expectations.

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